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Volume: 6 Issue: 4 November 2008 - Supplement - 1



In Tunisia 7200 patients with chronic renal failures are dialyzed, that corresponds to 720 dialysis patients / million of habitants. From the first kidney transplantation in Tunisia in 1986, and to the end of 2004, the number of kidney transplantation has never exceeded 43 cases per year. During the period 2005-2007, improvement of transplant kidney activity from living donor allowed to raise the number of kidney transplant patient: 62 cases in 2005 , 70 cases in 2006 , 89 cases in 2007 and we hope to reach 120 cases in 2008 (81 kidney transplantation are made until June 30, 2008). However the policy of active search for living donors among family members of the dialysis patient revealed a problem of limited capacity of the nephrology and urology departments to manage this excess of candidates to transplant. In 2007 kidney transplantation from living donors was about 7 cases / million of habitants. In addition, the transplant activity from brain death donors remained very low. It was about an average of 0.7 cases / million of habitants per year. We have to get around several obstacles of which: the absence of effective network allowing an inventory of all the potential donors (brain death cases in critical cares departments), the absence of a codification of the potential donor’s cares and the opposition of the family to take organs from dead related. To resolve these problems the scientific council of the Tunisian national promote center of transplantation (CNPTO) approve the following strategy: 1 - To increase the capacity of department involved in kidney transplantation, we adopt the approach “objective – agreement” which consists through a gradual allowance of standard personnel and financial attributed to transplantation’s unities to attain predefines objectives of transplantation. 2 - For persons in state of brain death and through an international collaboration we began a professionalized training for various actors of the transplantation with an intension to set up a national register of the brain death’s donors by 2012.

Volume : 6
Issue : 4
Pages : 29

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Tunisian national promote center of transplantation (CNPTO), Tunis, Tunisia.