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Volume: 6 Issue: 4 November 2008 - Supplement - 1



Notwithstanding the organ shortage and prohibited deceased vital organ usage for the foreigners, USA heart and liver transplantation for African or Asian recipients are still considerable. Mismatch Vital Organ in developed states at all, is a real advantage for millions of people in over 100 non transplant countries around the world. This study by correlating ISFAHAN cadaveric organ prepare and use, is trying to evaluate the possibility of planning an accessory candidature list. According to Isfahan Province Donation Network (IPDN) database, Since Jul 2001 to Mar 2008, 361 Multiple Trauma (58%) Head Trauma (22%) CVA (9.5%), and miscellaneous (10.5%) documented Brain death (mean age 25 ± 18) at 10 oriented ICUs, introduced to IPDN staffs for interview. Harvesting Failure due to Patient’s criteria & hospital care was 32%. Procurement Failure as a result of Time limits & familial regrets decreased compliant donor harvesting rate to 35%. From totally 348 safe and potential organs only 217 different organs have salvaged and transplanted (38% Organ wastage without pancreas and lungs account). In all these years, organ wastage unpredictably goes on and even develops [i.e. 2003(70/44), 2008(97/27)]. These data indicate that after two decades of successful IRAN’s transplantation trials, unification of all Iranian recipients in a nationwide waiting list is an exigent necessity. E-net scoring and matching empower all different transplantation teams to earn a better outcome. Maybe in this situation, citizen mismatch organs are absolutely declarable and Government could manage IRANIAN organ ruination by designing a subordinate waiting list

Volume : 6
Issue : 4
Pages : 190

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Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran