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Volume: 6 Issue: 4 November 2008 - Supplement - 1



European countries show a significant organ donation rate disparity caused by different economic, legal, cultural and social frameworks. One relevant factor that may influence the rates is the availability of proficient professionals. The European Commission granted a SANCO Project (2007-2009) to design and validate a Training Program on Organ Donation ( The project aims to contribute increasing organ donation awareness and activity rates by training health professionals involved in the field. Twenty partners from 17 countries participate distributed in 4 working groups (WG). WG1: creation of a data base to obtain information about the Target Areas (TAs) demography, donation activity and educational needs. WG2: design, implementation and evaluation of the “Training for Trainers” course and the “Essentials in Organ Donation” (EOD) seminars directed to health professionals and in-house staff members related with the potential donor detection. WG3: design and implementation of 5 On-line modules with a practical seminar that compile the organ donation process for donor and/or transplant coordinators in charge of organ procurement. WG4: design, implementation and evaluation of the “Organ Donation Quality Managers” program to train donor program managers. Twenty five TAs has been defined so that a total of 3125 professionals will be trained. Up to now, WG1 have compiled all data. Its analysis provides information about the changes occurred in the TAs. For WG2, 50 senior coordinators have accomplished their training as multipliers of the EOD seminars and received homogenous educational material to reproduce the training in their TAs. For WG3, 50 junior coordinators are enrolled in the On-line courses. WG4 has gathered 25 managers for leadership and quality control strengthen. The project will evaluate the training impact in the TAs’ organ donation rates. Results will also consider the implementation of new actions and improvement of settled systems and transferability among organizations.

Volume : 6
Issue : 4
Pages : 16

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TPM Project-Institute for Lifelong Learning, Barcelona, Spain.