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Volume: 6 Issue: 4 November 2008 - Supplement - 1



The rate of kidney transplantation in Iran is high but most transplants are still LURD. For expanding transplantation organ in Iran, Cadaveric organ procurement should be developed. For this policy some organ procurements unit (OPU) have been established in university hospitals. Researches in these activities are necessary for development of transplantation in Iran. Between Jun 2005 and Dec 2007, a total of 141 organs were harvested from 46 brain-dead effective donors in Organ Procurement Unit of Shariati Hospital. Eighty four of these organs were kidneys. In this retrospective study we analyzed the characteristics of brain- dead donors and recipients. The median age of all donors was 29 years (Min: 6, Max: 63). Two third of them were male. The average organ harvested was 3.06 per donor and 4 organs per month .The main causes of brain death were head trauma (n = 33, 72%). Organ yield is found depend on time of OPU activity significantly that it may be related to experiences of staff of it. Other variables were not change during this time. Donor characteristics such as age, sex, blood group and brain death impacted on organ yield. But these characteristics did not influence on cadaveric renal transplantation outcome except donor age (r: 0.306, P: 0.021). Also, final donor serum Na and K and urine volume effects on renal allograft outcomes. In conclusion, This study showed both experiences in OPU unit and donor characteristics effect on the number of organs which retrieved. Also some of these characteristic effect on transplantation outcome.

Volume : 6
Issue : 4
Pages : 16

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Organ Procurement Center Shariati Hospital, Tehran Iran.