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Volume: 6 Issue: 4 November 2008 - Supplement - 1



After deployment of National Transplant Database and Applications for United Kingdom (UKT) (GB, Scotland, Ireland, Wales) we are delivering the National Transplant Database and Applications for central Europe region (Slovak Republic). This solution covers the hospitals, transplant units, follow up centres, HLA labs, eye banks and external users in the field of solid organ transplantation process as well as for the first time covers the tissue and cell allocation, storage and procurement mechanism as a whole. It is a unique computerized web based transplant system that provides transplant centres, organ procurement organizations, histocompatibility laboratories and eye & tissue banks on a national level the ability to: - Manage their patient’s waiting list. - Access, complete and submit transplant data forms. - Add donor information and run donor-recipient matching lists. - Access various transplant data reports and policies. - Maintain an organ donor register - Interact with other national transplant systems online - Manage processes in Eye and Tissue banks - Manage all processes in tissue typing HLA laboratories - Compare individual national transplant practices between information systems and exports reports to the relevant international bodies. Also brings a new potential to international transplant service co-operation, unifies national transplant practices, enable equal access to transplantation between countries, helps guarantee the safety of organs and the ethical standards by which they are retrieved and transplanted. This may represents a new approach with ability to connect multinational transplant services for sharing surplus organs into one virtual database as well as providing the complete national solution for an individual country. International registries can also benefit by providing data from a central point to many international studies.Citation:• The fastest Matching Run I have seen so far. Impressive performance. ( Sue Falvey, Duty Office Manager, UK Transplant) • Chosen Web technology applications proved to be a visionary solution connecting external users to National Transplant Database from all over the UK and Republic of Ireland. Applications are extremely user friendly and remarkably stable. (Saifi Hashmi, Head of IT& Computing, UK Transplant) • Comprehensive validation of all records prior to their being committed to the database is in place and the applications are designed to ensure that the management has complete control over all aspects of the validation process. (David Shute, Director of Operations, UK Transplant) • Absolute accuracy of data stored in the database is of paramount importance to our work and the design of the applications ensures that this objective is achieved. (Andy Maxwell, Data Executive Manager, UK Transplant)

Volume : 6
Issue : 4
Pages : 128

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