Figure 1, A and B. Anteroposterior fluoroscopic spot images capture the Ethiodol contrast medium as it advances within a single lymphatic vessel in the left thigh and inguinal region. A) Ethiodol contrast medium flowing within a dilated efferent lymphatic vessel over the medial left thigh and into a single superficial inguinal lymph node. B) The single lymphatic vessel in
Figure A divides into 2 afferent lymphatic vessels in the superficial lymph node; note the dilated afferent lymphatic vessels that fill over the region of the left ischium and acetabulum.

LYM, Lymphatic vessel; LN, lymph node; BI, bicuspid valves; F, femur; IS, left ischium; LT, lesser tuberosity of the femur; PU, pubic bone.