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Volume: 6 Issue: 4 November 2008 - Supplement - 1



The scantness of organ donation and inadequate organ transplantation in Turkiye results in the deathes of the thousands of patients who are in waiting list. Recently performed studies showed that the reason for the scarcity of organ donation in our country is the insufficient education about organ donation. We thought that the selection of basic education teachers as a target population will provide an important contribution to the population’s knowledge about this subject; the aim of this study was to evaluate the knowlege about organ donation and transplantation and to find out the effect of training about this subject in the last year teacher candidates in Gazi University Education Faculty. In the first part of the study, the knowledge about the organ tranplantation of the 450 teacher candidate students in Gazi University Education Faculty, Early Childhood, Social Sciences, Science Teaching Programme were tested between April 2008 and May 2008. After then an education about organ donation and transplantation was given to these teacher candidates by Gazi University Transplantation Center. The knowledge was then tested again in the same manner after the course and the results were evaluated. The evaluation before the education; among the teacher candidates, 62% of them said that organ transplantaion is necessary, 46% of them had talked this subject with their families before and 68% of them told that they could donate the organ of their relatives when needed. Only 22% of the participants had exact knowledge about which organs could be donated. On the other hand 81%, 65%, 54%, 22%, %10 of the participants have information about the tranplantation of kidneys, hearth, liver, lung and pancreas respectively. It was learned that the information about organ donation was achieved from radio and television by the 82% or the participants whereas only 32% of them had information from their lessons. About how the organ donation will be, 52% of participants thought that organ transplantation centers are the place to go, whereas 34% mentioned the Branch Office of Health Management. In questioning, 74% of the candidates were found to be willing to take part in the course about organ tranplantation, whereas 25November of them didn’t need it. In the evaluation after the education; ýt was found that 83% of participants were happy that they had attended this programme, 93% of them stated that all the questions in their minds had been answered in this programme. In the evaluation of the participants’ thoughts after the education; 78% of them said that they could donate their organs, 69% of them said that they could donate their relatives organs and 61% of them told that they could donate their childrens’ organs. After the education; 96% of the teacher candidates mentioned that they would pass on this education to their surrounding people about organ donation. The study showed that education seminars about organ donation and transplantation increased the knowledge of teacher candidates. Consciousness about this in teachers and their interest and contribution in this subject will result in giving the right information to large population. This way an important solution for the serious organ donation scantness will be found in our country.

Volume : 6
Issue : 4
Pages : 194

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Gazi University Transplantation Center, Gazi University Medical Faculty, Ankara, Turkey